Info om sendingen fra 24. august 2022 – Gjest: Life Lessons
01Kvegpels intro01:50
02I Used to Give a Shit02:02Ripper!SACK
03All Night Long02:53All Night Long/Dame A Dozen – SingleThe Frowning Clouds
04Damage and Collapse04:04Damage and Collapse – SingelLife Lessons
05You Say You Believe in Second Chances, and Live by Third Time’s the Charm03:23True Love – Pure HateLife Lessons
06NGSC03:27True Love – Pure HateLife Lessons
07You03:01You – SingelJulianna Riolino
08Everblue03:18Everblue – SingelCaddy
09Stuck With Nothing02:05Punk Rock Raduno Vol​.​5Giant Eagles
10Leopoard03:10Young ForeverYotam Ben Horin
11Losing Time02:29Hey SummerLost Balloons
12Kvegpels outro02:38

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