Info om sendingen fra 01. juni 2022 – Gjest: Thee K-Otics
01Kvegpels intro01:50
02Be With You02:12Tales Of TerrorThe Dumbheads
03Coast Guard Girls03:29Coast Guard Girls/Last Time AroundThee K-Otics
04Last Time Around04:22Coast Guard Girls/Last Time AroundThee K-Otics
05Your Pussycat is Hooked on Junk02:29Quarter Wolf
06Anyone But You01:45Anyone But YouTightwire
07Cure for Love02:13Cure for LoveDes Demonas
08Phantom Maggot01:46HauntedThe Young Rochelles
09Fuck You01:39Looking For DangerMoron’s Morons
106L GTR02:056L GTR – SingelThe Chats
11U Got The Look02:49Heavy DaysJEFF The Brotherhood
12Kvegpels outro02:38

One comment

  1. Haha! Hva i svarten!?? Kristoffer!!🤦‍♂️😮😮😮


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