2Cookies And Crack03:20Combos15.01.2020
3I Hate Everything01:17I Hate EverythingPuppy and the Hand Jobs15.01.2020
4Somos Los "Banderas Negras" Nacidos papa Perder03:35Culto a Lo ImbécilTelekrimen15.01.2020
5Seventeen02:36Another WhiffThe Whiffs15.01.2020
6Scan The Radio01:25Must Be NiceDark Thoughts15.01.2020
7Gonna Miss You03:28Destined for DisasterMini Meltdowns15.01.2020
8Substitute Teacher02:03Beer RunThe Promdates15.01.2020
9No Love Lost02:43The Walls Will Fall - EPTerror15.01.2020
10Two-Headed Boy04:26In The Aeroplane Over The SeaNeutral Milk Hotel15.01.2020
11Juggernaut!01:45Loose JewelsDiarrhea Planet15.01.2020
2For Your Soul02:25Kamikaze Rock 'n' RollCry22.01.2020
3Got No Friends02:11Off The RailsGino And The Goons22.01.2020
4All Washed Up02:17Goatsound Recording And Rehearsal Studios "Hard-Ons - Dickcheese" Reinterpretation AlbumGrindhouse22.01.2020
5Welcome To The Great Indoors04:14Algorithm & BluesThe Good The Bad and The Zugly22.01.2020
6Kisteglad00:42Algorithm & BluesThe Good The Bad and The Zugly22.01.2020
7The Kids Are Alt-Right03:02Algorithm & BluesThe Good The Bad and The Zugly22.01.2020
8The Man Behind The (Oxygen) Mask03:38Algorithm & BluesThe Good The Bad and The Zugly22.01.2020
9Spits Medley02:55The King Khan & BBQ Show22.01.2020
10Girl Of My Dreams02:28DumbergerDumberger22.01.2020
11I'm A Mess02:21The Hound (With Bonus Tracks)The Prissteens22.01.2020
12Good Luv - Gone South03:47First Hits FreeTommy Ray!22.01.2020
2Big Mistake02:00Sliced And DicedCyanide Pills29.01.2020
3I Love Her (She Don't Care)01:55The LivermoresThe Livermores29.01.2020
4Gabbie Is A Domme02:51Vintage MillennialHayley and the Crushers29.01.2020
5Too Late03:03Dynamite EPThe Courettes29.01.2020
6The Old Me03:40The Coming CollapseFoxhall Stacks29.01.2020
7Hate The World01:11Kool & The Gang BangersKool & The Gang Bangers29.01.2020
8Number Seven02:50Kisses Are HistoryThe Speedways29.01.2020
9Radio Nowhere03:19MagicBruce Springsteen29.01.2020
10Fuck The Police03:18Algorithm & BluesThe Good The Bad and The Zugly29.01.2020
11The Shape I'm In03:29WolverinesI Am The Avalanche29.01.2020
12You Don't Own Me02:34It's My Party: The Mercury AnthologyLesley Gore29.01.2020
13Suffocate City01:49And Now ThisNo Problem29.01.2020
14Creepy Jackalope Eye02:24La Mano CornudaSupersuckers29.01.2020
2The Kids Are Alt-Right03:02Algorithm & BluesThe Good The Bad and The Zugly05.02.2020
3Cordyline01:11Modern ArchitectureDanny McDonald05.02.2020
4Bittersweet03:14Leave The World BehindThe Sino Hearts05.02.2020
5Vitamins01:081994 EPNervous Jerk05.02.2020
6Too Old To Care03:29¡Muerto, Carcel, O Rocanrol!Huntingtons05.02.2020
7I Don't Wanna Want No More03:17S/TBullet Proof Lovers05.02.2020
8The Most Despicable Man Alive02:42The Sadies & King Khan - Split SingleThe Sadies05.02.2020
9Hyper Enough03:31Her's Where The Dtrings Come InSuperchunk05.02.2020
10Mere Lys03:50Kommer Med FredSpids Nøgenhat05.02.2020
11Somos Los "Banderas Negras" Nacidos papa Perder03:35Culto a Lo Imbécil LPTelekrimen05.02.2020
12Unholy Night03:23Blade of the RipperBlade of the Ripper05.02.2020
2Her Smile Is A Wish I Can't Obtain02:19Most People Are A Waste Of TimeHard-Ons12.02.2020
4I'm Not Okay03:26I'm Not Okay - SingleNot Ur Girlfrenz12.02.2020
5Dear David Jones02:38Outloud! Records SamplerGrim Deeds12.02.2020
6Let Me Lick Your Coco Pop02:30Mai Tai Pink EyeThee Windom Earles12.02.2020
7Fun Tonight02:04LaidbacksLaidbacks12.02.2020
8Gonna Breakdown01:59Gonna Breakdown EPAmphetamine Penis12.02.2020
9Susie Survived Chemotherapy04:01Susie Survived ChemotherapyKid Gulliver12.02.2020
10She Don't Talk To Me02:23His Vengeful HandThe Bad Beats12.02.2020
11I Got Kicked Out Of Shadowrun01:27Culture DemanufacturerBuck Biloxi and The Fucks12.02.2020
12Back To Basics03:42Back To Basics - SingleDorm Patrol12.02.2020
13You're Not My Same Sweet Baby03:47Frisco Mabel JoyMickey Newbury12.02.2020
2Girls In High School03:01Wanted Dead Or AliveKrace19.02.2020
3Teenage Retard02:32The ReekysThe Reekys19.02.2020
4Brass Knuckle Sandwich01:35Do The Dummy (2016, Dead Beat)The Mants19.02.2020
5Home Without A Home02:54Beach Of Diamonds19.02.2020
6She Makes A Mess03:09Beach Of Diamonds19.02.2020
7Up All Night03:21Beach Of Diamonds19.02.2020
8Too Soon02:21Sure ThingOUTTACONTROLLER19.02.2020
9I Miss The Ramones01:33America's Favorite Band! A Tribute to The Kung Fu MonkeysBlurg!19.02.2020
10Why Why Why01:57Feelin' LuckyFeelin' Lucky19.02.2020
1102 Back To Bootcamp01:34Phone Jerks19.02.2020
12A Mouthful Of Exhaust01:57Destroy All Astro-Men (Live)Man Or Astro-Man?19.02.2020
2Riding On The Rocket03:51Let's KnifeShonen Knife26.02.2020
3I'm A Stranger To Me02:55I'm A Stranger To Me/Carpool LaneThe Monsters26.02.2020
4So, Do The Zonk01:45Girls Go Zonk - US Beat Chicks & Harmony HoneysDonna Loren26.02.2020
5Death, Fuel Me02:27Death, Fuel MeDudes26.02.2020
6Handstand Boogie03:07Handstand BoogieDudes26.02.2020
7Back in the Saddle03:53Death, Fuel MeDudes26.02.2020
8Soozie Stooge02:39Slander Tongue LPSlander Tongue26.02.2020
9Start At 1303:26Mine Would Be The SunThe Suitesixteen26.02.2020
10Runaway With Me02:39We're The FiendzThe Fiendz26.02.2020
11Judy01:40Who the Fuck Are These Dorks?!Capgun Heroes26.02.2020
2Why!03:09Minimum Style, Maximum EffortBithammer!04.03.2020
3Die Trying02:05Dead Wax: A Rad Girlfriend Records CompilationSteve Adamyk Band04.03.2020
4Fake I.D.02:41Fake I.D.The Anemix Boyfriends04.03.2020
5Got The Volume02:33Got The Volume - SingleVolume04.03.2020
7Frizz Bizz02:24Frizz BizzVolume04.03.2020
8Get Away01:48DitchesDitches04.03.2020
9Syndig01:51Norsk Råkk04.03.2020
10Livet Er Kun Evig Omvei03:09Norsk Råkk Singel SeptNorsk Råkk04.03.2020
115 Minutter02:48Norsk Råkk04.03.2020
12Throw Me In The Trash02:14Throw Me In The TrashPavid Vermin04.03.2020
13Dead Mans Hall04:42Bring On The SweetlifeThe Mainliners04.03.2020
2Holy Transformation03:20All The Colors of DarknessBrothers Of Conquest11.03.2020
3Old Brain02:32Zado & The Frail BodiesZado & The Frail Bodies11.03.2020
4Addicted03:06Addicted RomanticDirty Cheetah11.03.2020
5Polish Prototype02:08Quarter Wolf11.03.2020
6Spread The Gospel02:53White Trash Blues Band11.03.2020
7Bones Heal And Chicks Dig Scars03:22Quarter Wolf11.03.2020
8Feels Like The Worst Time02:19Dead Wax: A Rad Girlfriend Records CompilationStarter Jackets11.03.2020
9Happy Now, Loving You01:59Dreamy Little YouKitty Kat Fan Club11.03.2020
10I Wanna Blow My Brains Out01:39Stevie And The SleazeStevie And The Sleaze11.03.2020
11I Hate01:17Total RejectsTotal Rejects11.03.2020
12My Pal03:26Tales OneGod11.03.2020
13Heart Attack American02:51The BronxThe Bronx11.03.2020
2Routine Pain04:23Brave Faces EveryoneSpanish Love Songs19.08.2020
3How To Maximize Your Kill Count01:53La Mano CornudaSupersuckers19.08.2020
4The Ballad Of El Goodo04:20#1 Record (Remastered)Big Star19.08.2020
5She's Got Everything03:09For Those About to PopThe Yum Yums19.08.2020
6Game Over03:14Game Over - SingleNot Ur Girlfrenz19.08.2020
7Everything Is Lost03:09Second LandingGiant Eagles19.08.2020
8The Piss, The Perfume03:54The Piss, The PerfumeHayley Mary19.08.2020
9Rocket Ship02:19Rocket ShipColor Killer19.08.2020
10Addicted to Homicide02:26Looking For DangerMoron's Morons19.08.2020
11Trouble02:50TroubleDeath By Unga Bunga19.08.2020
2Not Like the Others03:59Trouble - SingleDeath By Unga Bunga26.08.2020
3Back of Your Head02:00Some Freaks Of AtavismScreeching Weasel26.08.2020
4Punk Rock Boy02:41JuniperJuniper26.08.2020
5Electricity's Allergic To You02:11Super PollenDaniel Romano26.08.2020
6Ramones at Lollapalooza02:11Endless Detention / Ramones at LollapaloozaThe Manges26.08.2020
7Want You! Like a Cigarette02:03Want You! Like a CigaretteThe Courettes26.08.2020
8On Fire02:31Got LuckyLucy and the Rats26.08.2020
9Mob Justice01:38Mob JusticeThe Rival Mob26.08.2020
10In My Mind03:41Beneath the PinesThe Creeps26.08.2020
11Self-Destruction (as a Sensible Career Choice)02:59Brave Faces EveryoneSpanish Love Songs26.08.2020
12America (You're Freaking Me Out)03:35Hello ExileThe Menzingers26.08.2020
2Stay Away from Downtown03:38Researching the BluesRedd Kross02.09.2020
3Party Girl (Rachel Sweet)04:27Scandinavian AffairThe Dahlmanns02.09.2020
41234 Dee Dee Ramone02:27Now That's What I Call Songs From My TeensHelen Love02.09.2020
5Going Numb03:11Going NumbStiff Richards02.09.2020
6The Well02:08Something To Do Music for Something To Do People, Vol. 20Local Drags02.09.2020
7間違いダラけ03:36間違いダラけ - Single2&02.09.2020
8Too Young For Kiss, Too Old For Slipknot02:48Guerrilla Asso Sampler 2020Maladroit02.09.2020
9Fade Into You04:35Fade Into You - SingleJ Mascis02.09.2020
10To Ebola With Love05:14Atomic ChurchRoachPowder02.09.2020
11The Bowery Electric03:11Ramones - The Family Tree (CD2)The Bowery Electric02.09.2020
2Der vi skal gå03:45Friksjon EPFriksjon09.09.2020
3Walk Alone Master 102:32Messed UpThe Age of Colored Lizards09.09.2020
4Let's Keep Goin' The Show02:22RetardedRetarded09.09.2020
5Chewed Up Fortune02:57CuttersCutters09.09.2020
6Guess Who02:08Something To Do Music for Something To Do People, Vol. 24Love Hearts09.09.2020
7You Know It Ain't Right03:48Black Lives MatterSick Things09.09.2020
8Champagne02:51First ImpressionThe Reflectors09.09.2020
9The Invisible Hand of the M.L.B. Is Meddling02:02The Invisible Hand of the M.L.B. Is MeddlingIsotopes09.09.2020
10Blind Man's Penis (Peace and Love)01:41Do You Know the Difference Between Big Wood and BrushThe American Song-poem Anthology09.09.2020
11I Came Here to Fuck02:58I Came Here to FuckShaving the Werewolf09.09.2020
12Let It Burn04:04Get Loud!Dangerface09.09.2020
2Livin' In Chaos03:02This Is the SonicsThe Sonics16.09.2020
3Meet Me on the Moon02:01Sad in the CityBroadway Calls16.09.2020
4Making a Mint01:43Scale Model Subsistence VendorAborted Tortoise16.09.2020
5Empty Pages03:22Radio SoundsThe Speedways16.09.2020
6Born to Die in Berlin02:50Battlestar GalacticaRiccobellis16.09.2020
7Black Jacket03:17The Portugal JapanThe Portugal Japan16.09.2020
8Don't Take It out on Me02:11....Can't Get It RightDeeCRACKS16.09.2020
9Et Glimt Af Forventning03:04Evig Ild - EPDe Forbandede16.09.2020
10Queen Of Hearts04:36David Comes To LifeFucked Up16.09.2020
11Crime of the Scene03:12Year of the SnakeWYLDLIFE16.09.2020
12Turning Blue03:29Turning Blue - EPBroken Gold16.09.2020
2Bama Lama Bama Loo02:15Little Richard: The Original British Hit SinglesLittle Richard23.09.2020
3Disappearing Ink01:57Split with The Raging Nathans, Starter JacketsStarter Jackets23.09.2020
4Don't Ever Beat A Wookie02:35Stormtrooper The StreetsCoruscants23.09.2020
5I Wanna Be a Pop Star03:18I Wanna Be a Pop StarKid Gulliver23.09.2020
6The South Will Never Rise Again02:44Des DemonasDes Demonas23.09.2020
7Too Late03:212020 (Celebrating 20 Years of Stardumb Records)The Windowsill23.09.2020
8All to You02:02Cha Cha ChaThe Queers23.09.2020
9I Wouldn't Touch You With A Stick03:48Bananas Peel Session #5Kaviar Special23.09.2020
10Turning Blue03:29Turning Blue - EPBroken Gold23.09.2020
11Victory Lap03:05Painted WhiteMissing Monuments23.09.2020
2Loud Dumb and Mean03:28Allez! Allez!The Night Marchers30.09.2020
3Robotic Love02:17Dorkatron/7 Years Bad Luck SplitDorkatron30.09.2020
4Keep A-Knockin'02:51Six-String HolidayPerry Dear & The Deerstalkers30.09.2020
5One Less Step03:02Ken Fox & Knock Yourself OutKen Fox & Knock Yourself Out30.09.2020
6Certain Way02:28Something To Do Music for Something To Do People, Vol. 14The Sweethearts30.09.2020
7I Wanna Hold You Tight (Tonite)01:34I Wanna Hold You Tight (Tonite)Young Francis Hi Fi30.09.2020
8Earthquake Song02:38Girls Go Power Pop!Little Girls30.09.2020
9Black Magic Stallion03:05Black Visions Of Windom (Explicit)The Hookers30.09.2020
10Change My Ways01:12Dissed and DismissedTony Molina30.09.2020
11Whatever You Please03:23Ghost StoriesThe Dream Syndicate30.09.2020
12Hey Hey Baby02:48Peau De Peche30.09.2020
13Something Fierce04:20The Plastic HassleRipe30.09.2020
2Look Out!03:10Get To YouThe Night Party07.10.2020
3Rocketman, Rocketman04:06Thumb DaysShortly07.10.2020
4I Hate My School00:51Fuck SchoolMoral Panic07.10.2020
5Sad To Me02:42Death In Venice BeachThe Bombpops07.10.2020
6Tonight02:34Pleasure IslandMom07.10.2020
7Bye Bye Brain (Groovie Ghoulies)01:44Lookout! Pavid Vermin Ruins Some SongsPavid Vermin07.10.2020
8The Return Of Randy02:48TeenbeatTravoltas07.10.2020
9One Arch Town01:57Hurtin' 4 CertainTommy And The Commies07.10.2020
11Dead Eyes02:59Walking in the Shadow of the Big ManGuadalcanal Diary07.10.2020
2Dresses Or Rags02:44Dresses Or Rags - SingleGunness14.10.2020
3Make Me Hot03:08Make Me HotThe Dollyrots14.10.2020
4Mentally Challenged01:46EnThe Skullingtons14.10.2020
5Having A Party (Sam Cooke)02:55Your Face Is WeirdGeoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis14.10.2020
6Original Girl02:09SwitzerlandSilver Sun14.10.2020
7Stupid Band02:16JennyJenny14.10.2020
8No Way01:46KnuckleheadsSo-Cho Pistons14.10.2020
9Why Do You Treat Me So Bad?02:587"The Misanthropes14.10.2020
10Kind Of Girl03:13Tinted WindowsTinted Windows14.10.2020
11Formed A Band03:01Top Of The PopsArt Brut14.10.2020
12Shit Myself (Can't Quit Myself)01:43BabesBabes14.10.2020
2I Don't Roll (with the Boys No More)03:48#1 EPFamily Values21.10.2020
3Like a Woman Should04:04The Piss, The PerfumeHayley Mary21.10.2020
4Say Goodbye To Your Generation02:29Career ObjectiveThe Methadones21.10.2020
5Get It Right03:35SODO PopSupercrush21.10.2020
6She's Probably Not Thinkin' Of Me02:06She's Probably Not Thinkin' Of MeThe Feels21.10.2020
7Black Paralysis02:13Zero ZeroesZero Zeroes21.10.2020
8I Wanna Go (Unreleased)02:42Ramonescore Radio presents... The CompilationCapgun Heroes21.10.2020
9Birthday Boy03:36The Big To-DoDrive-By Truckers21.10.2020
10Louie Louie - Julie London02:43Vol 3: Soft, Safe & SanitizedJulie London21.10.2020
2In the Arms of Mrs. Mark of Cain04:12Beneath the EyriePixies28.10.2020
3You've Always Been With Her03:58Content To Point The WayDaniel Romano28.10.2020
4I Can't Forgive02:54Teenager's HeartbreaksFreddie Dilevi28.10.2020
5Back to the Beach02:03Quaranteenage KicksGallows Birds28.10.2020
6Maggie's Farm02:29Girls in the Garage, Vol. 5Linda Gayle28.10.2020
7Bitch Kickin'03:00Into the BraveDemolition Doll Rods28.10.2020
8Tú Me Quieres Matar01:57Tú Me Quieres Matar 7"Thee Braindrops28.10.2020
9Dinosaur Vacume06:02SuperjudgeMonster Magnet28.10.2020
10Tomorrow Calling02:46Under The Sycamore TreeSweden28.10.2020
2She Inspired Me to Write Bad Poetry03:02#1 EPFamily Values04.11.2020
3Shot In The Dark03:05POWER UPAC/DC04.11.2020
4Laptop Punk01:49Meesa Meesa Meesa!The Gungans04.11.2020
5Point Of You03:08State Of MindStiff Richards04.11.2020
6That Ain't Me02:14Inside OutMiracle Workers04.11.2020
7Tuned Out02:49Tuned OutCrocodile Tears04.11.2020
8Then She Got Married02:39False AccusationKobanes04.11.2020
9Jacaranda02:43JacarandaHayley and the Crushers04.11.2020
10The Heart Of Juliet Jones02:01Tough AgeTough Age04.11.2020
11Home05:21Scenes from the Second StoreyThe God Machine04.11.2020
12The Kids Are Alt-Right03:02Algorithm & BluesThe Good The Bad and the Zugly04.11.2020
2Five on It02:33This Is Not the EndSpielbergs25.08.2021
3Cookie Jar03:33Chief PoliceGringo Bandido25.08.2021
4Phone Booth02:18The ShivviesThe Shivvies25.08.2021
5When I'm Drunk02:31Versus the BoatsmenThe Boatsmen25.08.2021
6Riverdale02:29Bad LuckAnswering Machine25.08.2021
7Teenage Garbage01:04The Shit That Killed ElvisSatanic Togas25.08.2021
8Dee Dee Ramone (Radio Edit)03:43Dee Dee Ramone (Radio Edit) - SingleGatuplan25.08.2021
9Who Do You Love?02:09He's Bad! 11 Bands Decimate The Beats Of Bo DiddleyAtomic Suplex25.08.2021
10The Kids Are Alt-Right03:02Algorithm & BluesThe Good The Bad and the Zugly25.08.2021
2Shoog Shoog (Sugar Baby)Shoog Shoog (Sugar Baby)The Yum Yums01.09.2021
3Tongue TiedShe's So TuffTina & The Total Babes01.09.2021
4KarenKicksRandells,Valentina De Rosa01.09.2021
5River Deep Mountain High - 2004 Remaster(I'm) StrandedThe Saints01.09.2021
6Let's Go Mano!The DonnasThe Donnas01.09.2021
7Pacos Doesn't Love MeSpazzys01.09.2021
8I've Been ThinkingPaul Bearer & The Hearsemen01.09.2021
9It's Nothing to MeGod Less AmericaHarry Johnson01.09.2021
10Time Bomb High SchoolTime Bomb High SchoolReigning Sound01.09.2021
2Right Down The Street01:22Streets of RageBuck Biloxi and The Fucks08.09.2021
3Hold Your Hand02:31Power OnHelen Love08.09.2021
4Bird-Doggin'02:56The Road Is Rocky: the Complete Studio Masters 1956 - 1971Gene Vincent08.09.2021
5Big Mouth01:51Moxie (Music from the Netflix Film)The Linda Lindas08.09.2021
6Many More Drugs02:22Charts & GraphsGeoff Palmer08.09.2021
7Ever True03:11As IfLove Hearts08.09.2021
8WAXIT02:06Dennis ComettiDennis Cometti08.09.2021
9Spanish Reds03:28Heart Beats PacificBanner Pilot08.09.2021
10On Again Off Again03:14To The Confusion of Our EnemiesRiverboat Gamblers08.09.2021
11Just To Get Away02:30Feel The DarknessPoison Idea08.09.2021
2The Squirrel02:28Sick Sesh!Teenage Bottlerocket15.09.2021
3Bubblegum Girl02:06Save the WorldThe Queers15.09.2021
4Born to Hike03:04Born to HikeThe Windowsill15.09.2021
5Sma301:22Victory Belongs To Those Who Fight For A Right CauseTaqbir15.09.2021
6Petite Voyoutte02:53PalladiumOlivia Jean & April March15.09.2021
7Autorama03:15Alien VacationThe Cudas15.09.2021
8Kamala Ate My Baby03:11First Blood MatchVonErichs15.09.2021
9Look Out!03:10Get To YouThe Night Party15.09.2021
10Grandma Sitting in the Corner with a Penis in Her Hand Going No, No, No, No, No02:23My Daughter the BroadThe Frogs15.09.2021
11Hi, hi, pretty girl02:42Enjoy The CreepsThe Creeps15.09.2021
2You're Never Going out of Style03:06Sick Sesh!Teenage Bottlerocket22.09.2021
3Hungry for Love02:34The Chess Rockabilly Story CD1Baker Knight22.09.2021
4Teenage Werewolf01:31ZoanoidsZoanoids22.09.2021
5Black to Comm03:22Black to Comm / Remake RemodelThe Schizophonics22.09.2021
6Why02:08Struggle StreetTony Dork22.09.2021
7Breakable02:00Keep Me GluedLocal Drags22.09.2021
8Next To Me01:52Next To Me EPPep Talk22.09.2021
9Funeral03:52Stranger in the AlpsPhoebe Bridgers22.09.2021
10Cigarettes03:34Amber HeadlightsGreg Dulli22.09.2021
11Night Of The Vampire04:59Sons Of Satan Praise The Lord (Disc 1)Entombed22.09.2021
2Classic Oslo Attitude02:36Classic Oslo Attitude / I Hate ConversationsThe Good The Bad and the Zugly29.09.2021
3Strung out on Stress02:17Sick Sesh!Teenage Bottlerocket29.09.2021
4I Hate Conversations02:20Classic Oslo Attitude / I Hate ConversationsThe Good The Bad and the Zugly29.09.2021
5Tremblin'02:28Dusty Vintage Records, Vol. 2Byrdie Green29.09.2021
6Hop the Twig02:44Hop The TwigThe Courettes29.09.2021
7Million Watts Electrified04:07Tune In Turn On ElectrifyThe Lords of Altamont29.09.2021
8Not the Way It Seems02:45Detours and Dead Ends Vol. 1Caddy29.09.2021
9Concrete and Lies00:54Australian War CrimesCutters29.09.2021
10That Girl02:31Last Call for AdderallCapgun Heroes29.09.2021
11United03:24Working Class AnthemsEvil Conduct29.09.2021
12Your Love Belongs Under a Rock02:21Ultraglide In BlackThe Dirtbombs29.09.2021
13Jamie Oliver03:05Confetti On the FloorThe Apers29.09.2021
2I Don't Wanna02:23Mf 666Motherfucker66606.10.2021
3Savage02:40Stranded - The Chronicles Of Autralian PunkFun Things06.10.2021
4The Motions04:33Cobra PoemsDaniel Romano's Outfit06.10.2021
5Video Phone02:44XOXOXO Volume One "the nice price"Natalie Sweet06.10.2021
6Die Alone02:39My Bloody ValentineHorror Section06.10.2021
7Jesus Christ Twist03:19Voodoo Rhythm Label - Records To Ruin Any PartyReverend Beat-Man06.10.2021
8My Other Guitar Is A Mosrite01:44Stop, Drop And RawkThe Atoms06.10.2021
2Robot Coupe04:19The Ray Of ReversalPlanet Bee13.10.2021
3I'll Be Your Mirror02:36Rainy DayRainy Day13.10.2021
4Monkey Boy01:58Attention! Deficit Disorder 2020DeeCracks13.10.2021
5Bedwetter01:40Opiate Them AssesKing Khan Unlimited13.10.2021
6Grow Up02:17Rise And ShineThe Putz13.10.2021
7Really Really02:31Sweet 'n' Sour Part 2Baby Shakes13.10.2021
8My Little Girl02:17BS Stands ForBrent Seavers13.10.2021
9Loud Dumb and Mean03:28Allez! Allez!The Night Marchers13.10.2021
10Somos Los "Banderas Negras" Nacidos papa Perder03:35Culto a Lo Imbécil LPTelekrimen13.10.2021
11The Good Die Young02:10Live By the CodeTerror13.10.2021
2I'm Coming Babe02:10Maximum Beat CD1The Shindiggers20.10.2021
3Get Away02:33Freedumb20.10.2021
4Weekender01:53The Freedumb Curse - ReversedFreedumb20.10.2021
5Ant Theme03:26Post-Modern Dark AgeFreedumb20.10.2021
6A Little More Time03:08A Little More Time with Reigning SoundReigning Sound20.10.2021
7On The Run03:43Peau De Peche20.10.2021
8It's Too Late02:55Peau De Peche20.10.2021
9You Don't Know Me03:58Peau De Peche20.10.2021
10Can't Be Mine02:05Bad NervesBad Nerves20.10.2021
2Plump02:34Live Through ThisHole27.10.2021
3Surfing Valentine02:58Drop In, Wipe Out/Back To The BeachThe Lemonaids27.10.2021
4Rejected at the High School Dance02:59Last of the Teen IconsMean Red Spiders27.10.2021
5Dear Megan Fox03:20Fishin' For WoosBowling For Soup27.10.2021
6R.I.N.G.O.02:50Back In MonoThe Courettes27.10.2021
7Quando C'era Lui01:47SovranistaThe Dirtiest27.10.2021
8Who Took The Rain02:41Confines Of LifeNeighborhood Brats27.10.2021
9Trouble01:58Popular FavoritesOblivians27.10.2021
11Manic Possesive02:35SociopathfinderDANG!!!!27.10.2021
12Lockdown Blues03:10SociopathfinderDANG!!!!27.10.2021
2Gas Money02:27ReverberationThe Queers03.11.2021
3Forget About Him02:59KismetKid Gulliver03.11.2021
4KING OF NOTHING02:45Kispah03.11.2021
7Be Like Johnny02:07No One Eats For Free (Special Edition)YEE LOI03.11.2021
8Ballad of the Opening Band01:51Grim Deeds LPGrim Deeds03.11.2021
9I'm Blue02:15Fort Worth Teen Scene, Volume OneThe Rising Suns03.11.2021
10Too Good To Be Blue02:16Voodoo Rhythm Label Compilation, Vol. 5Trixie & The Trainwrecks03.11.2021
11199204:19BulletproofThe Mortals03.11.2021
12It's Gonna Rain02:30Where You Gonna Go?The Unrelated Segments03.11.2021
2Solitary You04:16The Age of Colored Lizards10.11.2021
3And The Crowd Stands Still02:36An Excuse To Wear A KnifeWorship10.11.2021
4Worship - Waiting For The Needle02:36The Evolution BrokeWorship10.11.2021
5Kicked Out Of Heaven02:52Worship10.11.2021
6Things Have Gone To Shit01:48Bored To DeathNoodle Brain10.11.2021
7Jag Ska Aldrig Dö01:40Killed By TrashThe Heartattacks10.11.2021
8I Don't Wanna03:28Bring it!Puffy AmiYumi10.11.2021
9Don't You Know Me Thomas01:45Screaming Gospel Holy Rollers, Vol. 1Reverend Crum & His Mighty Golden Keys10.11.2021
10Tears Are Falling02:55Escape VelocityDan Vapid And The Cheats10.11.2021
11Dreaming With You02:38EP#1 w/ Bonus TrackThe Seven & Six10.11.2021
12Safe Travels03:40Safe Travels - SingleOceanic Airlines10.11.2021
2Don't Go Throwing Roses in My Grave04:00Don't Go Throwing Roses in My GraveGregor Barnett17.11.2021
3Identity Theft02:43High Risk BehaviourThe Chats17.11.2021
4The Lot (KBT)02:59Quarter Wolf17.11.2021
5Mook City02:45White Trash Blues Band17.11.2021
6Undertow04:20White Trash Blues Band17.11.2021
7No No No No02:24Handful Of HitsTommy Ray!17.11.2021
8Groove To The Eye03:30Destroy Dull City, Beyond The FlipoutPsychotic Turnbuckles17.11.2021
9Bubblegum02:47Rarities & B-SidesThe Raveonettes17.11.2021
10Yo Grito (Feat. Juanito Wau)02:25Juanito Wau Hates The Night TimesThe Night Times17.11.2021
11Lemon Rice (Doomed to Live)01:38Life Is Pain IdiotLiquids17.11.2021
2Denim Demon02:12Ass CobraTurbonegro24.11.2021
3Awakening02:43Keep Myself from SinkingHalcyon Days24.11.2021
4Shadows03:33Keep Myself from SinkingHalcyon Days24.11.2021
5Sleepwalking03:30Keep Myself from SinkingHalcyon Days24.11.2021
6Frömd Vo Mir03:07Du Hesch Cläss, Ig Bi TräschThe Monsters24.11.2021
7Starry Eyes04:3421st Century Power Pop RiotThe Methadones24.11.2021
82 Legged Dope04:56When The Shit Goes DownNine Pound Hammer24.11.2021
9C.S.L.03:11CRAZY, STUPID, LOVENerd Magnet24.11.2021
10Shadow Play02:57Twilight Zone Vol. 3Covert Flops24.11.2021
11It's Gonna Rain02:30Where You Gonna Go?The Unrelated Segments24.11.2021
2Lo Lo Lonely03:29GUV IIIYoung Guv01.12.2021
3Gummo Aint for Nothing02:48Oh DeathMesserschmitt01.12.2021
4Ave Satani (Mork guest)02:44Oh DeathMesserschmitt01.12.2021
5If You See Me Weep05:20Oh DeathMesserschmitt01.12.2021
6Here I Am I Always Am02:25I've Got A Baaad Feelin' About This: The Complete RecordingsBlacktop01.12.2021
7I'm A Rat02:10KerchooThe Feeders01.12.2021
8Dead romance02:57Dead romanceBurger Weekends01.12.2021
9Horizontal Action01:48Do The Pop! Redux, Part 1Psycho Surgeons01.12.2021
10Pandemix Generation01:55Laptop Punk Records CompilationSaturday Night Karaoke01.12.2021
2Could Have Been Me04:07RideSister Rain08.12.2021
3Baby Baby03:45Blind LoveRatcat08.12.2021
4Darwin's Got Our Back02:04Steven IslandMaladroit08.12.2021
5Rocket USA02:13Let's Commit Suicide: A TributeBambies08.12.2021
6I Had A Love02:49Blue AngelBlue Angel08.12.2021
7You're A Moron02:20Get Some HelpThe Control Freaks08.12.2021
8Woa' Now01:55Hello, We Love You! The Big Beat EPs08.12.2021
9We Ain't Dead Yet03:44Kardang08.12.2021
10Pretending On The Weekends03:55Sixes & SevensSweden08.12.2021
11Turbonegro Hate the Kids03:04Ass CobraTurbonegro08.12.2021
2Gonna Breakdown01:59Gonna Breakdown EPAmphetamine Penis05.01.2022
3Close To You02:59Lucky StarPeach Kelli Pop05.01.2022
4Ticket To Japan02:48End Of VacationI Was A Teenage Alien05.01.2022
5It's You02:40SuckertreeUnderwater Sunshine05.01.2022
6Winter02:17WinterBlack Russians05.01.2022
7I'm Tired01:51Melts In Your Ears 1980-1981The MnMs05.01.2022
8Bag Of Bones01:56IpdipdoThe Len Price 305.01.2022
9Wham! Bang! Pow! Let's Rock Out!02:48Wham! Bang! Pow! Let's Rock Out!Art Brut05.01.2022
10Vincent Van Gogh03:10I Used To Be ModAstroburger05.01.2022
2Reap A Hurricane03:15Reap A Hurricane - SingleThe Hellacopters26.01.2022
3Farting At Staples01:07Rhymes With VaginusJarinus26.01.2022
4Choo! Choo! Motherfuckers01:13True Love - Pure HateLife Lessons26.01.2022
5She Whispered You Lies03:24True Love - Pure HateLife Lessons26.01.2022
6Gravy Boats (feat. Robbe Madsen)03:49True Love - Pure HateLife Lessons26.01.2022
7Little Creature02:23Stiff RichardsStiff Richards26.01.2022
8KGB My Baby02:19Mission: ImplausibleCovert Flops26.01.2022
9Eat Your Heart & Wear Your Face01:57Euthanise MeThe Cavemen26.01.2022
10Bullet03:13Fall In Love EPHayley Mary26.01.2022
11Killing For Satan03:08Killing For Satan 7" HORRS 1 (320)The Swingin' Neckbreakers26.01.2022
12Beast03:56Beast - SinglePuppy26.01.2022
2Making A Mint01:43Scale Model Subsistence VendorAborted Tortoise02.02.2022
3Hei, Mamma! Skjender du meg igjen03:24Blodknoke02.02.2022
4Larvenes Herre03:08Blodknoke02.02.2022
6Debutantes In Bondage02:05The Welders 7" EP BDR Records (2010)The Welders02.02.2022
7My Baby Loves The Secret Agent02:00Seven Easy PiecesThe Detroit Cobras02.02.2022
8I Don't Care (About Your Kids)02:07Only The BeastGrim Deeds02.02.2022
9I Can't Be05:03JUICYYPIGGS02.02.2022
10Tits On The Beach (Rude Norton)01:56G.T.R.R.C IIISatanic Togas02.02.2022
11Alone Again Nor02:54On The BrinkMark Murphy And The Meds02.02.2022
12Unholy Night03:23Blade of the RipperBlade of the Ripper02.02.2022
2Follow Me Home03:19Mystery LightsMystery Lights16.02.2022
3A Lot Like Me03:25Pay More and Get A Good SeatThe Midways16.02.2022
4Never Be Ok02:52…And Now!PiGGiES16.02.2022
5P-E-R-V-E-R-T01:43Play The Welders EPBruiser Queen16.02.2022
6I'm Alive02:33Soulshake, Vol. 1Johnny Thunder16.02.2022
7Carly Please03:05Falling In LoveTrevor Blendour16.02.2022
8If You Only Knew02:50Waiting In A CornerJackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters16.02.2022
2Chief Police03:02Gringo Bandido23.02.2022
3Cool Cat03:04Gringo Bandido23.02.2022
4Watchman03:07Gringo Bandido23.02.2022
5One-Dimensional Man03:22One-Dimensional Man - SingleThe Good The Bad and the Zugly23.02.2022
6Heart (Le Coeur Qui Bat)02:11Ush: A Gary Usher CollectionBeverly Williams23.02.2022
7Stop And Start03:12Stop And StartThe Sadies23.02.2022
8Billy Liar03:06This Is My WorldHelen Love23.02.2022
9I Fell For You03:22Get EvenThe Radio Buzzkills23.02.2022
10Streets Of Iron02:00Bad TimesBad Times23.02.2022
11Cheap Beer02:22FIDLARFIDLAR23.02.2022
2You Lied02:43Giant EgosGiant Eagles02.03.2022
3Angel Baby03:10Lil' One-ArmThe Oubliettes02.03.2022
4Agile, Mobile And Hostile02:21SilkyAndre Williams02.03.2022
5She's The One03:13Panic AttacksThe Dops02.03.2022
6Office Surfer02:53Christmas For BreakfastThe Kung Fu Monkeys02.03.2022
7A Fake Idea04:53Fake IdeasHurry02.03.2022
9A Little Bit Confusing05:21PuzzleThe Kung Fu Girls02.03.2022
2Bad Chemistry01:51A Fistful Of Rock ‘N Roll Volume 6The Nitwitz09.03.2022
3He’s A Doll02:09Pet Projects: The Brian Wilson ProductionsThe Honeys09.03.2022
4Misfits & Freaks02:44Misfits & FreaksThe Courettes09.03.2022
5Rebecca Lash01:52Nothing Beats A Royal FlushMaow09.03.2022
6Do the Math Jim03:01Smash Radio HitsViva L’American Death Ray Music09.03.2022
7The Sign02:22HardcoversPeach Kelli Pop09.03.2022
8Newtype03:00Colony DropSpacenoidz09.03.2022
9Alan’s On Fire04:13Feel The DarknessPoison Idea09.03.2022
10Nothing I Can Do01:04Dissed and DismissedTony Molina09.03.2022
11Red Eyes04:59Lost in the DreamThe War On Drugs09.03.2022
12(Some of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts02:01(Some of Us Have) Adrenalized HeartsLivids09.03.2022
2Honeydripper02:52Money For SoulBaby Woodrose16.03.2022
3Jag Vill Dö01:40Singles Collection 1The Manikins16.03.2022
4They Don't Know03:08Love Is For LoversReal Sickies16.03.2022
5Born In '7702:47Slovenly Sampler Vol. IIIThe Black Jaspers16.03.2022
6All Made Up02:13Faster ActionThe Reflectors16.03.2022
7S.U.R.F.I.N.03:24FreebOObin'The Sunny Boys16.03.2022
8Get In Line03:31Future's Almost OverStrange Colours16.03.2022
9Watusi Rodeo02:40Walking in the Shadow of the Big ManGuadalcanal Diary16.03.2022
10What's This Shit Called Love02:40Cheapo Crypt Sampler CDPagans16.03.2022
11You're Never Going Out of Style03:06Sick Sesh!Teenage Bottlerocket16.03.2022
2Panther01:21Deal Me InBantam Rooster23.03.2022
3Waiting For You02:24She's So TuffTina & The Total Babes23.03.2022
4Born Dry02:28Love UndoneThe Deadly Snakes23.03.2022
5Heavy Music03:18Heavy Music EPSeger Liberation Army23.03.2022
672 Hours02:31Can Anybody Hear Me (A Tribute To Enemy You)The Lillingtons23.03.2022
7Nightmare02:45Girls in the Garage, Vol. 2The Whyte Boots23.03.2022
8I'm Rowed Out02:36The Fabulous PlatoonDynamite Platoon23.03.2022
9Cookies And Crack03:20Cookies And CrackCombos23.03.2022
10For Your Soul02:24Kamikaze Rock 'n' RollCry23.03.2022
11Big Mistake02:00Sliced And DicedCyanide Pills23.03.2022