Info om sendingen fra 31. august 2022 – Gjest: TwoMinutesHate
01Kvegpels intro01:50
02All Stitched Up01:17The Awful Disclosures
Of Screeching Weasel
Screeching Weasel
03Uptight Tonight02:18In The Midnight Hour/
Uptight Tonight – Singel
Flash and the
Memphis Casuals
04It’s Not The Fall That
Kills You, It’s The Humiliation
03:43It’s Not The Fall That
Kills You, It’s
The Humiliation – Singel
05Cock Blocked By Tights03:18Cock Blocked By
Tights – Singel
06Turtle Taproom01:43WhimsylandWhimsyland
07Violent01:20Life is pain IdiotLiquids
08I Don’t Want To Be Alone02:42Amidst The Clutter & MessGreen Buzzard
09Never Leave You02:19Sweatpants PartySweatpants Party
10400 Bucks03:09The Full Custom
Gospel Souds Of…
The Reverend
Horton Heat
11Coagulate02:19End TransmissionSnapcase
12Kvegpels outro02:38

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