Info om sendingen fra 05. oktober 2022 – Gjest: Pappasaft
01Kvegpels intro01:50
02Routine Pain04:23Brave Faces EveryoneSpanish Love Songs
03Unga Dine03:10Unga Dine – SingelPappasaft
04PSGC02:47PSGC – SingelPappasaft
05Hva Kaller De Seg Nå?Pappasaft
06Took That Thing02:11Wrecker!The Mono Men
07Drive Me Home03:12Unsolicited Advice for Your DIY DisasterThe Buoys
08Gimme Gimme Your Love03:22Punk Rock Raduno, Vol. 5Baby Shakes
09Until the End of Time02:04Until the End of Time – SingelHorror Section
10Second Time02:59Second Time b/w Over My HeadBrad Marino & Natalie Sweet
11On Off01:58Tj Cabot & Thee Artificial RejectsTj Cabot & Thee Artificial Rejects
12Feel The Pain04:19Without A SoundDinosaur Jr.
13Kvegpels outro02:38

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