Info om sendingen fra 04. mai 2022 – Gjest: Spielbergs
01Kvegpels intro01:50
02The PKA Took My Money Away03:04Research and DestroyThe Good The Bad and the Zugly
03Brother Of Mine04:15Spielbergs
04We Are All Going To Die04:33This Is Not The EndSpielbergs
05Go!04:11Go! – SingelSpielbergs
06In My Head02:28In My HeadThe Let’s Go’s
07The Tingle01:55The Tingle / Teenage TroublesJackie Weaver
08You Stabbed Me In The Back01:19Search And DestroyThe Battlebeats
09Secret Nothing02:48Mauler (A Collection Of Oddities)Cub
10Alien Girls01:56Hop Til’ You DropThe Hallingtons
11Last Train Tonight02:45Last Train TonightMarc Valentine
12Kvegpels outro02:38

+ 33 = 38